M'lis Detoxification FAQ

Q.  Will the lemon juice mixture cause too much acid for my sensitive stomach?

A.  Although the lemon is an acidic fruit, it turns alkaline as it is digested and aids in

     attaining a proper pH balance within the body.

Q.  Is detoxification SAFE? 

A.  Absolutely. Body cleansing for health is a concept that has been in use for thousands

     of years. This type of internal cleanse has been used safely for periods of up tp

     2 months over the last 30 years. M'lis recommends detoxification for 3-10 days only,

     3-4 times a year.

Q.  Can I detoxify if I have hypoglycemia?

A.   Detoxifying is especially beneficial to those with hypoglycemia. Be sure you are using

      only pure maple syrup in the lemon juice mixture. Honey or other sweeteners will

      trigger an unhealthy insulin responce. M'lis Slender Aid will also help to regulate

      blood sugar levels.

Q.  Will I have energy during the cleanse?

A.   As toxins are expelled from the system, the energy levels rise. It may take a day

      or two for this effect to occur. If you are not as energetic as you feel you should be,

      add a little more maple syrup to the lemon juice mixture to raise and maintan

      your blood surgar level. It is also helpful to make the mixture last throught the day

      rather than drinking it all at once. M'lis recommends reducing physical activity  on 

      detoxification days.

Q.  Why is it important to use distilled water?

A.  Distilled water is pure, which means it has no chemicals or bacteria to interfere with

     the  cleansing process. Do not use bottled mineral water since it may contain concentrations

     of heavy metals. Soft water is also a poor choice because of it's high sodium content.

Q.  Can I detoxify for longer than 3 days?

A.  People with more sever to toxicity could benefit by cleansing for longer periods, up to 10 days

     maxium. However, our recommendation is to utilize the program regularly for 3-4 days each time.

Q.  Can I use other juices?

A.  You may, but it is not recommended. Many juices contain high levels of sugar. In addition, lemon

     juice contains important building aids and its astrigent action makes it  a superb cleansing agent.

     Fresh, ripe lemons are the best.

Q.  What if I feel like I must eat?

A.   Detoxification can be difficult, because eating has become a pastime in our society, and we have

     come to crave the the taset of foods. The first time can be especially taxing. If you feel like you 

     must eat, first increase the amount of maple syrup in your mixture and drink the mixture more 

     often. This will raise the blood sugar level, which increase energy. If that doesn't help, try a short

     nap and additional water.