M'lis Detoxification Tips

• Drink plenty of water between drinking your liquid mixture; the supplements do all of the loosening and cleansing of waste. You must flush out what has been loosened up or it will deposit somewhere else in your body.

• If you get hungry during your detox days:
1. Add a little more maple syrup to your mixture.
2. Take extra SLENDER AID Appetite Appeaser, up to nine a day.
3. Take three extra FIBER Wheat Bran & Psyllium.

• Sip on the detox mixture all day long. Do not go more then two hours without drinking some of the mixture. Make sure you have enough to last you throughout the evening.

• Try the detox mixture:
1. One ice
2. As a “hot drink” like tea
3. Frozen, as something to chew or munch

• If you get a headache, cut back on the DETOX supplement as it stirs up toxins. Control the intake of this product by increasing it, as you feel comfortable. It is not unusual to feel weakness during this time. It is important to rest and sleep more. This is a crucial period, it is important to have patience and wait it out. When this healing period is over, you will have increased strength and far exceed the way you felt before beginning the program.

• Remind yourself how much good you are doing for your body, by giving it the rest from constantly digesting food. Instead, it is healing and rebuilding itself.

  • Take it slow! Take the herbal supplements 2-3 at a time throughout the entire day.
  • Gear up! Healing crisis can make you feel like you’ve caught a cold or flu, but gear up and push through! It only lasts a couple hours to occasionally a couple days. Get in the right mind set– you can do it! 
  • Sip on it. Sip the lemon mixture gradually throughout the day rather than drinking it all at once like a meal. Make your bottles of lemon mixture last all day long. 
  • Take a break. Keep your activity light. This is a time for your body to rest and heal. If you have the desire to exercise, try yoga, walking or other simple exercise.
  • Mix it up! Try freezing your lemon mixture for a cool, slushy drink, or using hot water when making your mixture to create a warm drink!
  • Get good grades. Pure maple syrup comes in light, medium and dark grades. Experiment with the different choices for different flavors. 
  • Add calories. Feeling like you need more energy? Have a 3rd quart of the lemon mixture or try a spoonful of maple syrup and a 15 min. power nap. 
  • An extra boost. Using slender-aid helps to appease your appetite and balance your blood sugar making you feel less hungry. Get it!
  • Go the extra mile. If at the end of day 3 on the lemon mixture you feel great, do a day 4! You can safely cleanse for up to 10 days.
  • Call for support. Call 303-777-5660 for more tips and encouragement! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and inspire you to keep going.