Skin Care

  • M'lis Activate Aloe Activator 2.5oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Activate Aloe Activator

    M'LIS ACTIVATE ALOE ACTIVATOR  M'lis Activate has antiseptic properties that help give greater health and color to the skin. Great for all types of skin by working not only as a hydrator and skin softener, but as a natural anti-fungal and...

  • M'lis Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer 2.5 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer

    M'LIS APPLE STEM CELL MOISTURIZER Combines stem cells with anti-aging actives such as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory botanicals and UV protectors. Stem cell technology helps replace lost and damaged cells with new healthy cells. Rejuvenates skin cell...

  •  M'lis Apricot Grape Seed Exfoliator 9.25 oz. with pump Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Apricot Grape Seed Exfoliator

    M'LIS APRICIOT GRAPE SEED EXFOLIATOR A grape seed oil based scrub that combines a perfect blend of vitamins, antioxidants, UV protectors, hydrators, moisturizers and elastin builders to provide superior protection and exfoliation through the use of...

  • M'lis Buff Body Exfoliator 9.25 oz. with pump Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Buff Body Exfoliator

    M'LIS BUFF BODY EXFOLIATOR Is a superior enzymatic and manual exfoliator that utilizes papaya enzymes which dissolve dead skin and round pumice crystals that exfoliate. This formula is unique and unlike sea salt will not cut or damage the...

  • M'lis Clay Facial Masque 2 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Clay Facial Masque

    M'LIS CLAY MASQUE M'lis Clay Masque is a therapeutic indulgence for acne-prone skin. Tissue Respiratory Factor, Aloe, and pure French Clay combined to absorb excess oils and support the skin in the fight against blemishes, acne, and blackheads. This 30...

  • M'lis Eye Serum 2.5 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Eye Serum Dark Circle & Puffy Eye Relief

    M'LIS EYE SERUM DARK CIRCLE & PUFFY EYE RELIEF is formulated with extracts and proteins to help reduce puffiness, dark circles, bags and wrinkles, common around the eyes. These conditions are caused by a number of precursors: genetics, allergies,...

  • M'lis Firm Gel 2.5oz Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Firm Facial Gel

    M'LIS FIRM FACIAL GEL Stimulates the skin’s natural abilities to care for and protect itself from unfavorable conditions. Firm provides special deep moisture penetration, which is vital to wrinkled areas of the face. With use, you will notice a...

  • M'lis Green Tea Cleanser 9.25 oz. with pump Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Green Tea Herbal Cleanser

    M'LIS GREEN TEA HERBAL CLEANSER Leaves the skin clean, soothed, and hydrated. Gentle on abnormal skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Formulated for all skin types and is particularly effective for anti-aging, photo damaged and...

  • M'lis Hydrate 2.5oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Hydrate Skin Hydrating Drops

    M'LIS HYDRATE SKIN HYDRATING DROPS Utilizes hyaluronic acid which is a naturally-occurring molecule found in skin, hair, eyes, joints and nerves. Hydrate provides long-lasting moisture retention to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles...

  • M'lis Lift Facial Masque 2 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Lift Facial Masque

    M'LIS LIFT FACIAL MASQUE A superior lifting and tightening facial masque that stimulates cell renewal without dehydrating. M'lis Lift draws imbedded impurities out of the pores of the skin through reverse osmosis. Specialized enzymes, proteins and amino...

  • Non-surgical Face Lift Masque Kit. M'lis Lift Masque, M'lis Activate, Facial Fan Brush included with purchase Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit

    M'LIS NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFT MASQUE KIT A superior lifting and tightening facial masque that stimulates cell renewal without dehydrating. M'lis Lift draws imbedded impurities out of the pores of the skin through reverse osmosis. Specialized enzymes and...

  • M'lis Nourish Nutrient Oil Box with Glass Bottle 1 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Nourish Nutrient Oil

    M'LIS NOURISH NUTRIENT OIL Is a must have oil to help treat ultra-dry or sensitive skin. By combining the finest quality nutrient oils with bee pollen and rich carrying agents that are absorbed quickly without clogging pores or feeling greasy. Nourish...

  • Radiance Beauty Drink Mix 15 Servings. Support skin, hair and nails. Mango Peachy flavor. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Radiance Collagen Beauty Drink

    M'LIS RADIANCE COLLAGEN BEAUTY DRINK Is a hydrolyzed collagen, biotin, and hyaluronic acid powder that easily mixes with water. Collagen is a protein naturally found in our connective tissues and it is vital for joint health. Fight free...

  • M'lis Renew Ester-C Hydrating Serum 2.5 oz Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Renew Ester-C Hydrating Serum

    M'LIS RENEW ESTER-C HYDRATING SERUM The perfect blend of hyaluronic acid, squalane, and Esterified C. Esterified C is a stable form of Vitamin C that retains potency much longer than traditional Vitamin C. This unique blend stimulates the skin's...

  • M'lis Repair Tissue Repair Cream 2.5 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Repair Cream 2.5 oz.

    M'LIS REPAIR TISSUE REPAIR CREAM Combining the most powerful all-natural tissue re-builders and advanced botanicals available. Repair has the ability to penetrate up to 25 cell layers to moisturize and provide nutrients that help the skin to naturally...

  • M'lis Facial Scrub 9.25 Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Scrub Facial Exfoliator

    M'LIS SCRUB FACIAL EXFOLIATOR Is a unique combination of natural cleansing agents combined with nutrient rich herbal extracts. Rounded granules gently removes unhealthy skin revealing a youthful, glowing, complexion. Scrub, provides an energizing...

  • M'lis Soothe 2.5oz Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Soothe Anti-Inflammatory Gel

    M'LIS SOOTHE ANTI INFLAMMATORY GEL Immediately calms swelling, inflammation, aches, pains and soreness of muscles and joints by reducing the inflammatory response of the tissues directly. Soothe warms the area by increasing circulation, and then cools...

  • M'lis Tone Skin Spray 2.5 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Tone Skin Spray

    M'LIS TONE SKIN SPRAY Refreshes, hydrates, and protects your skin throughout the day. Aloe, witch hazel, and comfrey root are combined in a spritz formula to enliven the skin while soothing and softening the appearance of facial lines. Use this...

  • M'lis Wash Herbal Cleanser 9.25 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Wash Herbal Cleanser

    M'lis Wash Herbal Cleanser is a nourishment and total hydration for all skin types. Flush out the pores and gently penetrates, a deep cleansing of the skin, without leaving alkaline residues. M'lis Wash, contains a natural astringent to help tighten the...

  • M'lis DHEA Wild Yam Cream 2.5 oz. Quick view

    M'lis Products

    Wild Yam Progesterone Cream

    M'LIS WILD YAM PROGESTERONE CREAM Is formulated with natural ingredients and hormone precursors that when applied to the soft tissue areas of the body (neck, chest, stomach, and inside of arms and thighs), will assist in the ultimate formation and...