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Wellness System

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M'lis Wellness System: Your lifestyle, enviroment and genetics are unique to you. Everyone has different health and beauty goals. You can choose one personalized solution, or do several at the same time. Each solution allows you to achieve your best personal health and beauty depending on what is most important to you.

M'lis Wellness System Includes:

1 M'lis Total Body Cleanse Kit Includes 14 power cleansing packets and 14 essential greens mix packs

Starting with a clean body is vital to your goals of health and happiness. Packed with cleansing herbs and essentials greens, the Total Body Cleanse is designed to safely and throughly sweep your digestive system and cleanse your whole body. In just seven days, you will flush out harmful toxins that damage the skin, rob health, and sap energy. Click to View Instructions

1 M'lis Daily Essential Nutrient Packs 28 well packs per box

The modern-day diet leaves every body in need of proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Daily Essentials fortifies the body with anti-oxidants, calcium, and other nutritious goodness. It also boosts your mood with Vitamin D and enriches your hair, skin and nails with fish oil.  

1 M''lis Instant Meal MRP (Meal Replacement Powder) 180 Calories per serving 15 servings per container, your choice of flavor.

Take control of your diet and meet your health goals faster with M'lis Meal Replacement Powder. Free of soy, lactose, sugar, and gluten - and loaded with protein and fiber - each serving is a quick, highly nutritious snack or meal replacement. With 4 delicious flavors to choose from.

1 M'lis All Natural Weight Loss Kit 14 Day all natural weight loss system. 28 advance weight loss packs

All-Natural Weight Loss is one of many personalized solutions in the M'lis Wellness System. Completely natural and guaranteed pure, each packet has everything your body needs to safely drop unwanted pounds-faster. Premium ingredients promote clean living, increase your energy, and trim stubborn fat.